Green Seed Technologies is an incubation company who’s purpose is to develop new businesses (green seeds) that have amazing cultures, create meaningful employment opportunities, and leverage technology and sound business principles to create long-term sustainability.

Nurturing Innovation™

We love everything about business. It's the ultimate game to play! It requires creativity, vision, discipline, hard work, and ultimately perseverance. Green Seed tries to help the dreamers become doers and the doers to become dreamers — or at least pair them together!

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Green Seed Ethos

With 20+ years of business-building behind us, we’ve learned one thing… it’s HARD. Most businesses don’t make it beyond 10 years, regardless of how good the ideas were. It takes a combination of a good business plan, clear vision, solid execution and more. Add some effective leadership, good management, and a total commitment to innovation and you might just make it beyond the 10 year mark.

We’ve made too many mistakes to count, but we are focused on learning and improving this craft. Looking back, we think there is a better way to build a business. In fact, we believe there are key best practices that will dramatically increase the odds of creating a stable, profitable business that can last.

We take these best practices and incubate the “green seeds” generated within our own companies. We dream, develop, nurture, and cultivate those new ideas and hope they will ultimately lead to successful, profitable businesses that create meaningful jobs within our communities. If you’d like to be a part of that,
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Our Portfolio


REDX is an industry-leading real estate software company that empowers agents to develop a reliable cashflow with a sustainable business. REDX was our first “green seed.”


SaaS based telecom company that focuses on improving communications for people and organizations. Specifically, they provide modular, plug-n-play telecommunications tools that can be embedded within any CRM or lead management platform.

United Angels

The United Angels Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps parents and families of individuals with special needs. From birth to adulthood, United Angels has programs, communities, and plans to help those in need.

Data Laboratory

Specializing in consumer-related data aggregation and analytics, including predictive analytics.

“A content team in your pocket.” Storyy helps business share their authentic message online. We combine the latest in AI with personalized touch of human creators to create engaging, customized


R&D Project to develop a new system for managing and running SaaS businesses
R&D project that is building a better way to work with merchant processors, maintain control of your information, get best in-class reliability, and ensure your business is benefitting from the most competitive industry processing rates.


VidAngel is an entertainment company founded on the idea that individuals should have the personal freedom to consume media in the way they choose. VidAngel allows you to “watch however the BLEEP you want.”


Vi3 Global

A data intelligence company that helps brands like Converse increase supply chain and inventory visibility, along with providing brand protection against international counterfeiting schemes, and increasing marketing and customer engagement.

Work Life Balance

Team members at Green Seed put in a focused day of work and go home to their families, hobbies, and life. Ideally, we don’t want to buy them dinner, because we think they’ll enjoy their life more eating dinner with those they love. Back at work, they are integral members of driven, high-performance teams of craftsmen. They are expected to master new skills and design practical and intuitive solutions that make impactful differences in our customer’s lives.

Click below to read our company's core values: the behaviors and skills we value most in our fellow employees.

Green Seed Services

Green Seed Technologies gives their startups an advantage by allowing the business unit leaders to focus on their core business.

We do this by eliminating much of the G&A responsibilities held by a startup CEO.

This enables the businesses to focus on building excellent products, winning in their market, and providing the best customer service available.

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G&A: Accounting / Finance

Access to our talented accounting and finance team handles the day-to-day bookkeeping needs, tax filings and compliance, as well as provides managerial accounting and visibility for our Business Unit Leaders (BULs).

G&A: Payroll & HR & Facilities Mgmt

Turnkey Payroll, HR, and Facilities Mgmt. Instant access to benefits like health, dental, and 401k for your employees.

G&A: Legal Counsel

In-house legal counsel, as well as an great network attorneys can help us tackle anything from general corporate law, human resources, employee comp work, mergers and acquisitions, or specialty areas also.

G&A: Information Technology

Infrastructure and expertise for business technology needs.

Pro: Marketing Consulting

Direction and support for getting your message to the world.

Pro: Product Consulting & QA

Experienced product development resources. QA and deployment resources for technology businesses.

Pro: Data Science & Validation

Industry-leading data teams and resources.

Coaching & Collaboration

The ultimate: collaboration with other business leaders forging their products and executing on their vision within a safe and aligned environment. Brainstorm challenges, learn from other's past experience, collaborate on industry relationships and more. We try to make it less lonely at the top.

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